Best Esports Team Name Ideas 2023

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Welcome to the exciting world of Esports! In recent years, competitive gaming has exploded in popularity, with millions of fans tuning in to watch their favorite teams battle it out for supremacy in virtual arenas.

If you’re a gamer, you know that choosing the right team name is crucial for standing out in the Esports scene.

But with so many teams out there, how do you come up with a name that’s truly unique and memorable? It’s not an easy task, but you’ve come to the right place!

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best Esports team name ideas for 2023 that are sure to help you make a statement and leave a lasting impression. From cool team names with clever puns to powerful and intimidating monikers, we’ve got you covered.

best esports team names list

So whether you’re starting a new team or looking to rebrand an existing one with a good name, read on for some inspiration and get ready to dominate the competition with a killer team name!

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What Are The Names of Some of the Most Successful Esports Teams?

To give you some inspiration about team names that are already successful and

thriving in the esports world… here’s a list of some of the top competing Esport teams right now

  • OG
  • Evil Geniuses
  • Team Spirit
  • FaZe Clan
  • Team Liquid
  • Fnatic
  • Vici Gaming
  • Cloud9
  • eStar gaming
  • Wings Gaming
  • Tundra esports
  • Natus Vincere
  • Team Secret
  • Newbee

Esports encompasses a wide range of competitive video games across various genres, but some of the most popular games and esports titles include

  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Fortnite
  • Overwatch
  • Call of Duty
  • playerunknown’s battleground (PUBG)

These games have active and dedicated communities, professional teams, and large prize pools, making them some of the most watched and exciting esports events around the world.

Picking The Best Name For Your Esports Games Team

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Of course those listed have cool esports team names but you can’t use one that’s already taken. So, let’s use them for inspiration and come up with some new and fresh ideas whether you’re looking for funny names, for a powerful name, creative names, or different types of names… we will help you find the perfect name for your own team.

A good team name plays an important role in the identity of your team, so it’s important to get this right.

At the same time, don’t over think the name choice. Whatever cool name you pick, will start to feel more and more natural and comfortable over time.

Best Esports Team Names List

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One Word Team Names

  1. Apex
  2. Armageddon
  3. Aurora
  4. Avalanche
  5. Blackout
  6. Blaze
  7. Blitz
  8. Blitzkrieg
  9. Bone
  10. Catalyst
  11. Celestial
  12. Chaos
  13. Conquest
  14. Cosmic
  15. Crystal
  16. Dark
  17. Diamond
  18. Dominion
  19. Dominators
  20. Eclipse
  21. Electric
  22. Elite
  23. Enigma
  24. Euphoria
  25. Evolve
  26. Exile
  27. Fire
  28. Fury
  29. Frenzy
  30. Ghosts
  31. Glitch
  32. Grit
  33. Havoc
  34. Horizon
  35. Illusion
  36. Infernal
  37. Infamous
  38. Infinity
  39. Intruders
  40. Invictus
  41. Iron
  42. Juggernaut
  43. Kinetic
  44. Knights
  45. Lunar
  46. Luminary
  47. Maelstrom
  48. Maverick
  49. Matrix
  50. Mayhem
  51. Mystic
  52. Nemesis
  53. Neon
  54. Nexus
  55. Oblivion
  56. Origin
  57. Outcast
  58. Outlawz
  59. Pandemonium
  60. Paragon
  61. Phantom
  62. Phoenix
  63. Platinum
  64. Predator
  65. Pyro
  66. Quantum
  67. Razor
  68. Rebellion
  69. Red
  70. Relentless
  71. Renegade
  72. Rogue
  73. Savage
  74. Serenity
  75. Shadow
  76. Spectrum
  77. Sovereign
  78. Super
  79. Thrasher
  80. Thunder
  81. Thunderbolt
  82. Titan
  83. Titans
  84. Velocity
  85. Vengeance
  86. Venomous
  87. Vicious
  88. Void
  89. Vortex
  90. Wraith
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Two Word Team Names

  1. Velocity Vanguard
  2. The Revenants
  3. Rogue Regiment
  4. The Dominion
  5. Apex Assassins
  6. Titan’s Fury
  7. Neon Knights
  8. Phoenix Rising
  9. Oblivion Warriors
  10. Vicious Vendetta
  11. Elite Enforcers
  12. Mystic Mirage
  13. Bad Boys
  14. Quantum Quake
  15. Blackout Brigade
  16. Savage Swarm
  17. Venomous Vixens
  18. Iron Impact
  19. Infernal Instincts
  20. Celestial Chaos
  21. Hallowed Hunters
  22. Radiant Reign
  23. Lunar Legion
  24. Omega Ops
  25. Mystic Masters
  26. Wraith Warriors
  27. Ghostly Gladiators
  28. Divine Dragons
  29. Civil Disobedience
  30. Void Vortex
  31. Electric Empire
  32. Dark Desperadoes
  33. Shadow Syndicate
  34. Lunar Luminaries
  35. Titan Titans
  36. Dragon’s Den
  37. Arctic Avengers
  38. Storm Surge
  39. Executive Authority
  40. Maelstrom Marauders
  41. The Unbeatable
  42. Iron Invincibles
  43. The Warriors
  44. Lightning Luminaries
  45. Untouchable Union
  46. Thunder Titans
  47. Solar Soldiers
  48. Galaxy Guardians
  49. Fire Ferocity
  50. The Phoenixes
  51. Diamond Demons
  52. The Elite
  53. Super Squad
  54. The Juggernauts
  55. Enigma Empire
  56. The Immortals
  57. The Titans
  58. Red Riot
  59. Oblivion Overlords
  60. Platinum Predators
  61. Onslaught Outlaws
  62. Majestic Masters
  63. Ghost Gladiators
  64. Crystal Crusaders
  65. Cosmic Crusade
  66. Bone Breakers
  67. Aurora Assassins
  68. Apex Alliance
  69. Sonic Soldiers
  70. Shadow Sharks
  71. Rogue Rulers
  72. Quantum Quest
  73. Phantom Phalanx
  74. Omega Odyssey
  75. Mystic Miracles
  76. Lunar Lash
  77. Iron Illusionists
  78. Infernal Instigators
  79. Celestial Crusaders
  80. Hallowed Hounds
  81. Radiant Roster
  82. Neon Nightmares
  83. Mystic Moonlight
  84. Wraith Warriors
  85. Ghostly Guardians
  86. Divine Defenders
  87. Void Vampires
  88. Electric Emissaries
  89. Dark Dominators
  90. Shadow Soldiers
  91. Lunar Legionnaires
  92. Titan Thunders
  93. Dragon Defenders
  94. Arctic Assassins
  95. Storm Soldiers
  96. Maelstrom Monarchs
  97. Unbeatable Union
  98. Iron Icons
  99. Lightning Legends
  100. Thunderous Thrillers
  101. Solar Strike
  102. Galaxy Gladiators
  103. Fire Flames
  104. Phoenix Phalanx
  105. Diamond Dynasty
  106. Elite Enigma
  107. Super Soldiers
  108. Juggernaut Jesters
  109. Immortal Insurgents
  110. Titan Troopers
  111. Red Ravens
  112. Oblivion Overdrive
  113. Platinum Paragons
  114. Onslaught Order
  115. Majestic Maelstrom
  116. Ghostly Giants
  117. Crystal Crushers
  118. Cosmic Crusaders
  119. Bone Battalion
  120. Aurora Aces
  121. Apex Agents
  122. Sonic Supremacy
  123. Shadow Squadron
  124. Rogue Raiders
  125. Quantum Quid
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Clan Names

Here are some more ideas for the best clan names that you can use, whether you are playing clash of clans, or any other video games or mobile game.

  1. Velocity Clan
  2. Revenant Clan
  3. Rogue Clan
  4. Dominion Clan
  5. Apex Clan
  6. Titan Clan
  7. Phoenix Clan
  8. Oblivion Clan
  9. Mystic Clan
  10. Quantum Clan
  11. Blackout Clan
  12. Savage Clan
  13. Iron Clan
  14. Celestial Clan
  15. Radiant Clan
  16. Lunar Clan
  17. Mystic Clan
  18. Wraith Clan
  19. Ghostly Clan
  20. Void Clan
  21. Electric Clan
  22. Dark Clan
  23. Shadow Clan
  24. Lunar Clan
  25. Arctic Clan
  26. Storm Clan
  27. Maelstrom Clan
  28. Iron Clan
  29. Lightning Clan
  30. Thunder Clan
  31. Solar Clan
  32. Galaxy Clan
  33. Fire Clan
  34. Diamond Clan
  35. Super Clan
  36. Juggernaut Clan
  37. Enigma Clan
  38. Immortal Clan
  39. Red Clan
  40. Oblivion Clan
  41. Platinum Clan
  42. Onslaught Clan
  43. Majestic Clan
  44. Ghost Clan
  45. Crystal Clan
  46. Cosmic Clan
  47. Bone Clan
  48. Aurora Clan
  49. Apex Clan
  50. Sonic Clan
  51. Shadow Clan
  52. Rogue Clan
  53. Quantum Clan
  54. Phantom Clan
  55. Omega Clan
  56. Mystic Clan
  57. Lunar Clan
  58. Iron Clan
  59. Infernal Clan
  60. Celestial Clan
  61. Hallowed Clan
  62. Radiant Clan
  63. Neon Clan
  64. Mystic Clan
  65. Wraith Clan

Some of these names would be perfect for a casual open clan. In esports, an “open clan” usually refers to a team or group of players that is open to new members joining without any specific requirements or qualifications.

Open clans are typically more casual than competitive teams, and they may be focused on building a community or creating a space for players to connect and play together. Players can often join an open clan simply by requesting to do so, or by participating in the group’s activities and events.

Open clans may be a good option for players who are new to esports or who are looking for a more casual experience.

However, players who are interested in more serious competition may want to consider joining a competitive team with specific requirements and expectations for members.

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If you’re putting together a girl’s team, obviously any name will still work for your esports team but if you want something specifically female check out our list of women’s group name ideas over on one of our other sites, On Your Journey, and see if any inspiration jumps out with something that you can combine with gaming.

Esports Team Name Generators

If you want to take the stress out of picking, then use an esports team name generator to randomise your selection. You may just hit upon something that works perfectly.

We have three different esports team names generators below for all your group name needs

esports team name generators free online

Random Generator for Esport Team Names

Skip the brainstorming session and click the generate button below

If you have multiple people in your team and want to use your names to come up with a new name, then use the generator below

Combine two names to make your Esport Team Name

You can use this generator to combine two names, or two words, and come up with a unique name

Combine five names

Use this generator to combine five names, words, or letters to bring something truly unique and customised to use for your own name, which incorporates the majority of your team members.

Sometimes the results can generate some funny team names, keep experimenting and you will come up with the right name, a suitable name that hits just right for your crew.

Try out all three of the esports team name ideas generators below….

Esports Team Name Generators

Random Esports Team Name Generator

Combine Two Names Esports Team Name Generator

Combine Five Names Esports Team Name Generator

Embed The Generator On Your Site

Want to use the random generator on your site? No problem, paste this HTML code onto your site making sure to keep the link back for credit

<!-- Esports Team Name Generator by Bad Attitudes -->
<!-- To use, simply copy and paste this code into your website -->

<div class="esport-generator">
  <h2>Esports Team Name Generator</h2>
  <p>Click the button below to generate a random team name for your esports team.</p>
  <button onclick="generateRandomName()">Generate</button>
  <p class="result"></p>
  <p class="credit">Generated by <a href="" target="_blank">Bad Attitudes</a></p><br> <a href="" target="_blank">Find the best esports team names here</a>.</p>

var esportNames = [
	"Velocity", "Revenants", "Glitch", "Matrix", "Nemesis", "Titans", "Vortex", "Outlawz", "Frenzy", "Havoc", 
	"Infamous", "Blitz", "Renegades", "Inferno", "Apex", "Avalanche", "Maverick", "Dominators", "Razor", 
	"Paragon", "Outcast", "Eclipse", "Thrasher", "Enigma", "Phantom", "Sovereign", "Phoenix", "Infinity", 
	"Fury", "Chaos", "Savage", "Horizon", "Thunder", "Empire", "Elite", "Euphoria", "Catalyst", "Intruders", 
	"Ghosts", "Exile", "Knights", "Void", "Nexus", "Rebellion", "Evolve", "Grit", "Spectrum", "Predator", 
	"Blitzkrieg", "Rogue", "Thunderbolt", "Pandemonium", "Armageddon", "Quantum", "Illusion", "Invictus", 
	"Titan", "Serenity", "Infernal", "Mayhem", "Luminary", "Relentless", "Blaze", "Conquest", "Pyro", 
	"Electric", "Origin", "Celestial", "Renegade", "Kinetic", "Tactical", "Assassin", "Phoenix", "Vindicator", 
	"Raptor", "Bulletproof", "Juggernaut", "Crimson", "Vigilante", "Firestorm", "Radiant", "Dominance", 
	"Venom", "Bloodhound", "Mercenaries", "Fortitude", "Bandits", "Hurricane", "Spartans", "Ravens", 
	"Challengers", "Assault", "Carnage", "Scorpions", "Storm", "Phantoms", "Knockout", "Revolution", 
	"Rapid", "Rising", "Echelon", "Warriors", "Enforcers", "Gunslingers", "Hounds", "Legionnaires", 
	"Titans", "Vandals", "Victors", "Warriors", "Wraiths"

function generateRandomName() {
  var randomName = esportNames[Math.floor(Math.random() * esportNames.length)];
  document.querySelector(".result").innerHTML = randomName;

We hope you found this list useful, and found some catchy esports team names that you can use for your video game competitions. Now… go win that prize money! Onwards to the world championships…

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