Bad Attitudes Acquisition

Bad Attitudes was first established as an online magazine in 2001 by political activist, author and White House speech writer, Jerome Doolittle – BAD ATTITUDES A Magazine for the Unconvinced

After 20 years of success, this online magazine has transferred to new ownership in February 2022.

Bad Attitudes is now run by Anna and Luciana, the team behind top ranking parenting blog In The Playroom and women’s lifestyle and wellness blog On Your Journey.

We also manage the #1 online Muslim community, which has been running for just as long as the original Bad Attitudes website.

We have a commitment to sharing quality content and building engaging communities. Here at Bad Attitudes you will find content in the entertainment niche, relationships niche, inspirational quotes and more.

We also hope you enjoy our many interactive quizzes.

You can find out more about our team over on our about page.

Below are a few of our new articles…

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