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A Magazine for the Unconvinced

Galileo had a bad attitude whereas the pope had a good one. Who remembers the pope’s name? The magazine Bad Attitudes sides with Galileo, and with anyone else who prefers questions to answers. Its editorial policy is that noncon-structive criticism is better than none.

Most of the material here is mine. I am Jerome Doolittle; I introduce myself on the page of the same name. Seven of my published novels are there, six of them Tom Bethany mysteries.

The Poems are mine, and the Quotations and the Links are from my reading. Some of the Sound Advice arises out of personal trial and error, although most of it comes from my neighbors in West Cornwall.

The Dead Zoo is a novel I completed not long ago. Its young heroine’s excellent attitude sus- tains her as she goes about destroying the lives of everyone in her path.

The pseudonymous K.C. Constantine is the author of fifteen mysteries which are among the best ever written in this country. One of them is available on his page, as is information about him and his other books.

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