Comments: We’ll Never Learn

Diamond was a good read but more in line with your writing was his book "THE THIRD CHIMPANZEE" which you might call an extension of Albert Jay Nock's theory of all those not in the REMNANT as our blog main editor claims. I'm not sure we're the top chimpanzee,as Noam Chomsky has stated so called "human intelligence" may be a fatal trait. Too bad this so called intelligence may take all life with it. We're certainly well on our way with past luminaries as George Orwell writing about killing an elephant but missing the point entirely. Everyone put on your chimp masks please.

At sny rate Diamond showed up at Duke in Chapel Hill and presented a large gift fromhis rich donor friends.Let's see what the best and brightest do withit. I'm still waiting to see how many more trees will die on Mt. Mitchbelll whose lovely mountain water created when dew falls off leaves and pine needles collect dew that has the acidity of vinegar. Thank you clean coal.

Posted by Bruce at August 31, 2017 1:04 PM
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