Comments: What A Nightmare!

It is peculiar, isn't it? Mind you, commercials are a semi-necessary evil if people don't want to pay the cost of entertainment on television; and in Europe? More ads are actually quite funny, scathing, and often self-depreciating, to boot.

Here? Ye gods and goblins....borrrrring. And that is why it seems the over-hyped Super Bowl ads get the attention, they are expected to at least be better than the average norm. I still don't willingly watch them. Ads are when I get up to do small necessary things; still, the Old World habit of grouping them in useful 10 minute or so blocks at the END of each show would improve my performance of those duties!

Posted by Syrbal/Labrys at February 4, 2013 1:58 PM

Surely you jest, no such world could possibly exit. It would probably have to be one in which the electorate, when it allowed them to participate in the choice of their overlords, would be susceptible to the meanest and lowest of cons and elect certifiable morons and snarling psychopaths to high office who would enable the death of hundreds of thousands of souls, foreign and domestic, and effectively, if (hopefully) temporarily, destroy the world's economy whilst enriching himself and his closest cronies.

I bet you'd even believe that one of the commercials eagerly awaited would use the voice of a dead, fascistic wacko commentator who made his bones encouraging and enabling Senator Joe McCarthy, to sell penis enlarging (sorta, ya know !?) trucks using two thirds of the neo-fascist slogan "Guts, God, and Glory" of the NRA and Freemen and cleverly subliminally return God to the unholy trinity.

I don't believe it possible.

Posted by Albaz at February 4, 2013 4:07 PM

"if (hopefully)" should read "and (hopefully). This sloppiness in proof reading is why I should not initiate blog posts in the first place.

Posted by Albaz at February 4, 2013 4:12 PM

I could not care less about the Super Bowl, but did see literally the last 4 seconds of it in the process of surfing by on the way to the local 10 o'clock news. But then the excellent James Howard Kunstler made reference to a couple of the ads, one of which in particular made me curious as it involved my own profession. So I found it on Youtube.

I didn't find the Oreo commercial to be one bit funny, not even to elicit a half-hearted chuckle. It wasn't even clever. But I did decide that it is a pretty good metaphor -- or is it allegory? -- for what our society is actually doing to libraries.

Posted by Tim at February 7, 2013 1:22 PM
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