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Pitt’s Wits,


Jerome Doolittle

(Being a poetical celebration of Harvey L. Pitt’s political tin ear, most recently demonstrated in a New York Times interview during which the Embattled Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman maintained that he is the obvious and indispensable man to police Wall Street, having devoted his whole previous legal career to preventing the SEC from doing that very thing.)

Here is Mr. Pitt’s wonderful argument:

“It is an enormous advantage to the public to have somebody who knows about the securities business and the securities law as I do, and it would be unthinkable to deprive people of my expertise.”

And here is the question raised by that argument:

Pitt’s Wits

One wonders what remains
Inside Pitt’s head
That he has had the brains
To leave unsaid.

July, 2002


Copyright © 2004 by Jerome Doolittle