June 13, 2019
Don't Worry…

…be happy. Huffpost sends this from The Real America:

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) arrived early at the “America First Dinner with President Donald J. Trump” on Tuesday … Only five months ago, King condoned white supremacy in an interview with The New York Times. “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?” he said. “Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?”

Bobby Penning, a 70-year-old corn farmer, said he wasn’t really aware of King’s past controversies — like when the congressman endorsed a white supremacist for mayor of Toronto, the three times he’s promoted neo-Nazis and white supremacists on Twitter, the time he said that you “can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies,” the time King warned of Mexican immigrants with “calves the size of cantaloupes” smuggling drugs across the border, and the time King talked to a Hungarian alt-right publication about the superiority of European culture.

“I’m from rural Iowa,” Penning said. “We don’t worry about those things.”


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September 25, 2017
What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

From the New York Times:

After years as a sleepy federal backwater, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission became one of Wall Street’s most aggressive watchdogs during the Barack Obama administration.

Now the agency — which is responsible for policing a broad swath of markets and financial machinery, from trading in commodities to digital currencies to the complex derivatives that helped torpedo the financial system in 2008 — is shifting its law enforcement strategy: It will increasingly look to banks and other financial institutions to come clean on their own about misconduct and problems in the market.

The commission’s director of enforcement, James McDonald, plans to unveil the new framework in a speech Monday night at New York University. It is premised on the idea that large financial institutions, given the right incentives, have the potential to be invaluable partners for law enforcement.

“We start with the shared understanding that the vast majority of businesses want to comply with the law,” Mr. McDonald will say Monday, according to a draft of the speech reviewed by The New York Times.


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October 04, 2016
Dangerous Asylum

Would you like to read a swell poem by America’s number one poet? Sure you would. Here it is then, from The New Yorker:


As famous as a broken disc,
thanks for coming all this way.
That’s why I have to do it,
to be a goon that matters
into another person’s life.

You have a lousy voice, but
a good tenor. There, I’ve said it.
You’ll have to quickly get back
on the job, brothers brothers.
In her transparent hair
she is, well, just a person,
Bruce confessed.

And that stuff is now getting cold.
I’ll be there for you;
they want to cut them off from other
poppy-seed cakes,
getting—getting old again,
frustrated bobby-soxer.
Hold that opera—you made the lyrics.

You remind me of you.
We had been up to Speculator once before.

Off you go then.

The poet is even further along in his eighties than I am, and I’d like to think of him sitting in a rocker, smiling to himself over how easy it was to con the entire literary establishment for sixty years. I’m afraid, though, that he is, well, just a person.



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June 15, 2016
You Want Conspiracy?

I’ll give you conspiracy. This is from a comment on Hillary’s reaction to the Brock Turner case by a young lady whose name, out of kindness, I will not post:

About Bill Clinton… WHO CARES. He is a has been. Its about Hillary now. Why is everyone talking about Bill.. hes not running. But if everyone must comment.. remember.. CLinton was often faking sexual interludes so that the corrupt government could get away from scandal.. the Monica Lewinsky scandal was faked so that people would look away from the CIA scandal with central LA.



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