May 17, 2020
Today's Eruption…

…from the stable's genius:

Q: What about Obama’s comment? Obama’s comment at the graduation ceremony (inaudible).

THE PRESIDENT: I didn’t hear it.

Q: He (inaudible) twice at the leadership.

THE PRESIDENT: Look, he was an incompetent President. That’s all I can say. Grossly incompetent.

Thank you.


Posted by Jerome Doolittle at May 17, 2020 05:40 PM
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Takes one not to know one.

Posted by: Aitchjay on May 17, 2020 6:51 PM

And he cannot bestow a knighthood as Boris Johnson gets to for representing the party perpetually underfunding the greatest institution in the UK, the NHS. America doesn't have a NHS that old soldiers can call themselves back to duty to fight for. Freedom isn't free but there isn't an institution of anywhere nearly equal kmportance to fight for in the US unless than you fight against our goverment for one .
Eat your heart out Mr. Trump. Col. Tom gets his Knight of the Realm honors. You don't have one to bestow.

Posted by: Buck on May 19, 2020 7:15 PM
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