January 27, 2020
More News from the Swamp

From The Associated Press:

WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lashed out in anger Saturday at an NPR reporter who accused him of shouting expletives at her after she asked him in an interview about Ukraine. In a direct and personal attack, America’s chief diplomat said the journalist had “lied” to him and he called her conduct “shameful.…”

After the NPR interview, Kelly said she was taken to Pompeo’s private living room, where he shouted at her “for about the same amount of time as the interview itself,” using the “F-word” repeatedly. She said he was not happy to have been questioned about Ukraine…

Kelly said Pompeo asked whether she thought Americans cared about Ukraine and if she could find the country on a map.

“I said yes, and he called out for aides to bring us a map of the world with no writing,” she said in discussing the encounter on “All Things Considered.” “I pointed to Ukraine. He put the map away. He said, ‘people will hear about this.’”

What I want to know is why the F-word does the Secretary of State keep a no-named world map around the office and why the F-word would such a thing even exist?


Posted by Jerome Doolittle at January 27, 2020 06:38 PM
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Test in a junior high geography class?

Posted by: Aitchjay on January 28, 2020 11:52 AM
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