August 11, 2017
What Do Foreigners Think Of Ivanka?

This is from Raw Story about Ivanka Trump’s upcoming visit to India:

How do foreign leaders deal wth First Daughter Ivanka Trump? According to one anonymous diplomat quoted by Hindustan Times editor-in-chief Bobby Ghosh, the key is to flatter her and make her feel important — just as you would do with a visiting member of a royal family.

“We regard Ivanka Trump the way we do half-wit Saudi princes,” the diplomat told Ghosh. “It’s in our national interest to flatter them.”

The diplomat also told Ghosh that he found it “a shame” that the U.S. was now being ruled by what looked like a royal family — “but that is America’s shame, not Modi’s, or India’s.”

Remember, she’s the smart one of the family.

Can we file this under making America great again?


Posted by OHollern at August 11, 2017 11:32 AM
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