August 24, 2017
Trump Delivers To His Main Constituencies

The generals are in charge and they got exactly what they wanted, a permanent war in Afghanistan. Its details will be hidden from the public and it will guarantee rising military budgets forever. The military-industrial complex will win out, no matter what stuffed dummy sits in the White House.

(The comedian Bill Hicks used to say that every new president is taken into a secret dark room and shown footage of the Kennedy assassination from an angle no one has ever seen before. He is then asked, “Any questions, Mr. President?” I’m starting to think something like this must be true.)

But don’t worry, Trump’s other main constituency will soon get its biggest wish too. According to CNBC, “multiple Wall Street strategists” are laying odds that the one thing Congress can get done this year will be, wait for it, tax cuts. The bad news is that Republicans probably won’t be able to cut the corporate tax rate to 15 or 20 percent as they’d hoped, but will have to settle for 25 percent instead. Nor will they be able to “eliminate popular deductions, like those for mortgage interest, charitable giving, or state and local property taxes.” Nothing in life can be perfect, I suppose. Perhaps they can eliminate those popular deductions next year, when, with any luck, the little people will be distracted by a brand new war or hit TV show.

If you look past Trump’s strategically outrageous tweets, you can see and smell a familiar thing. It’s called business as usual in America.


Posted by OHollern at August 24, 2017 02:34 PM
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