April 11, 2017
Listen Up, Chicago, Baltimore, etc., etc.

From The Hartford Courant:

…Officers waited for an officer trained in crisis intervention to go to the apartment with them, police said. When they did, they brought a protective shield and special guns that shoot bean bags. When they arrived, they heard noises coming from inside. Concerned the suspect might be injured, they opened the door but didn’t go inside, police said.

Van suddenly emerged from a hallway with a large butcher knife in his right hand and brass knuckles in his left, they said. Crisis intervention officers tried to calm him by talking to him, but Van ignored them, police said. He also ignored police commands to drop the weapons.

He then advanced toward the officers with the knife and knuckles, and an officer fired a bean bag round at him, police said. Van eventually dropped the weapons and was placed in handcuffs, they said. Deputy Chief Brian Foley attributed the officers’ calm, thought-out response to their training.

See? Now was that so hard?



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at April 11, 2017 01:21 PM
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