February 01, 2017
There’s Plenty of Blame to Go Around

Baskar Sunkara at The Guardian hits the nail on the head.

If the last week has shown us anything, it’s that Donald Trump has power, but he doesn’t have much of a mandate yet.

We need to keep it that way — and be wary of the bad political leadership and strategy that can help him build one. November’s election is a powerful reminder that the Clinton establishment’s mix of socially inclusive rhetoric and neoliberal economics is a weak response to xenophobic populism.

An anti-Trump resistance movement must be broad, but it must direct its anger and energy not just at the enemy in the White House, but the failed leadership that let him get there. The Tea Party movement couldn’t have emerged with Bob Dole and George W Bush among their leaders. We can’t build our anti-Trump resistance, settled with generations of unpopular Democratic party leaders either.

We can build the resistance, but not on the same old path with the same leaders. The next generation of Democratic leaders has yet to make individual names for themselves; at this point it’s hard to say who will emerge to compete for head of the party. But that matters much less than the energy we find to put into local actions, possibly but not necessarily coordinated with other locations; how much we are able to act in whatever theater to modify the conditions that created and allow the regrettable situation we find ourselves in.


Posted by Chuck Dupree at February 01, 2017 11:09 PM
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