October 01, 2016
I Wish I Had Said That…

…but Michael Moore got there first:

Someone in the audience shouted out, “What about Jill Stein?” and Moore gently said that he really does support most of what the Green Party stands for and that he’s voted third party a couple of times. But this year, Moore said, “Voting that way just makes you kind of like Trump. You’re being narcissistic. You’re only voting that way because it makes you feel good to say you didn’t vote for Trump or Clinton.” Sometimes, Moore continued, “you just gotta suck it up and vote for the good of the country.” In other words, Moore, who called Bill Clinton the “best Republican president we ever had,” doesn’t buy the liberal bullshit that Trump and Clinton are alike. Trump is different. And you’re a fucking idiot if you don’t get that.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at October 01, 2016 05:11 PM
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IF you live in a swing state and IF Trump is anywhere close to winning your state, then you should definitely suck it up and vote for Clinton. For many of us who live in states where the outcome is a foregone conclusion, it seems to me to make more sense to register a protest against the awful choices provided to us by the two corporate-funded political marketing organizations. That doesn't mean that Trump and Clinton are equivalent, Trump is definitely worse.

Every 4 years we are told this is an historic election and a Republican victory will be horrible for America. Ever 4 years, the candidates of both parties get worse. Something has to change.

Posted by: Charles D on October 2, 2016 1:33 PM
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