May 02, 2016
Why I Am a Republican

On account of it’s the party of the young, which I am at heart. Just take a look at our platform:

We are proud of and shall continue our far-reaching and sound advances in matters of basic human needs — expansion of social security —broadened coverage in unemployment insurance — improved housing — and better health protection for all our people. We are determined that our government remain warmly responsive to the urgent social and economic problems of our people…

Further reductions in taxes with particular consideration for low and middle income families … Continual study of additional ways to correct inequities in the effect of various taxes…

“Labor is the United States. The men and women, who with their minds, their hearts and hands, create the wealth that is shared in this country — they are America”… The protection of the right of workers to organize into unions and to bargain collectively is our firm and permanent policy … We will continue to fight for dynamic and progressive programs which, among other things, will assure equal pay for equal work regardless of Sex…

We shall continue to seek extension and perfection of a sound social security system…

We favor self-government, national suffrage and representation in the Congress of the United States for residents of the District of Columbia…

We recommend to Congress the submission of a constitutional amendment providing equal rights for men and women…

The Republican Party supports an immigration policy which is in keeping with the traditions of America in providing a haven for oppressed peoples, and which is based on equality of treatment, freedom from implications of discrimination between racial, nationality and religious groups …

As the Party of the Young and in glowing appreciation of his dynamic leadership and inspiration, we respectfully dedicate this Platform of the Party of the Future to our distinguished President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and to the Youth of America.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at May 02, 2016 04:43 PM
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So, Clinton, then?

I know snark before Saturday....

Posted by: Labrys on May 5, 2016 11:20 AM
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