April 23, 2016
Satire is Dead

From The Onion:

In the case of the Baltimore shooting, however, the bureau took the unusual step of deeming part of that case a ďbad shootĒ in agentsí parlance. But the group did not fault the two agents who killed Mr. Harrison. Instead, it chastised only the agent who shot the tire, recommending that the agent be suspended for a day without pay, according to documents obtained by The Times in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

The review groupís reasoning was that the bureauís policy on using lethal force forbids firing a gun to disable a vehicle, and it concluded that this had been the agentís motive in shooting the tire. But the same policy permits firing a gun to protect people from danger, and the panel decided that the two agents who shot Mr. Harrison were trying to keep him from driving into bystanders.

Only it isnít, sadly, from The Onion at all. Itís from The New York Times.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at April 23, 2016 02:54 PM
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