January 18, 2016
Black and Red

Go here and here to remember the actual Martin Luther King, Jr., as opposed to the soft-edged specimen we are generally offered on this day. But the red-baiting J. Edgar Hoover was closer to the mark than we might like to think. Myself, I prefer the radical and real hero, that “goddamned nigger preacher,” as Lyndon Johnson once called him.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at January 18, 2016 02:00 PM
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Incidentally, a lot of this knowledge comes to me in my sleep. Creativity does that and Ben Franklin knew about it, he would sit at a desk with a pen and paper and two balls, soemething like croquet balls, and that period between sleep and awake allows one to peer into the subconscious mind, normally hidden and I do the same thihg. I've got books written in there and I need to figure out how to get them out, plus, a lot of the knowledge I get comes to me as a subconscious awareness of the solution while awake, but I can't explain why until later and I usually am able to figure it out after a while thinking about it for sometimes weeks trying to figure out the logic.

But I really do think Manuka honey and other unstudied honeys including one flower in PA may have the keys to human evolution, disease healing and I seem to be aware that brain density increase of 8 or 12 times is possible (that's a theoretical maximum and it's not 8 to 12, it's 8 or 12, but I can't explain that yet). But the leg that has massive electrical resistance now tells me I'm on the right track. But I really do need some good scientists from NIH who will not abuse me but I WANT to use this gift of a weird side effect of one medicine that cause Manuka to work like on steroids to give the gift of healing to many disease of which I'm sure, if not Manuka, some other flower can do. Including kidney disease which would eliminate kidney dialisys, leukemia if bone marrow will absorb Manuka honey. But the key is to get the honey diluted with the patients own edema. My medication does that, along with my bad habit of drinking far to many diet sodas, which together cause the honey to be diluted to the proper point such that the bloodstream will absorb it readily and it thereby goes everywhere in the body that blood does and thus can regrow tissue by as yet unknown reasons. I'm thinking the honey interacts with the body to "read" the DNA and thus regrow tissue perfectly but eating the honey is almost useless. Stomach acids do a number on it plus, only 50% roughly of Manuka even has the special activty.

I own no interest in Dermascience but they market the product used in the US, Medihoney as well as other products including some patches made for things like knee replacement surgery. Which can cut down on hospital infections hugely. But Pinnnacle refuses to listen to me or apologize. Although they pulled off my Manuka honey pateches and the nurse then came in with expensive dressings and dressed the area of absorbtion very badly. But if I let this wound that is now almost 100% fully healed, still opens up in two places when a Manuka honey patch is placed on it, I presume one hole to emit edema, the other to absorb it back in when it is diluted with Manuka honey. But this needs more study. And I'm not going to excuse the gross Nuremberg violations but I do want to see humanity get some relief from diseases that I know the European honey bee can heal with when using the right kind of flower. I just got lucky and found a catlyst for it so I've been watching the miraculous take place. I wish someone would scan my whole body to get a baseline so we can see how much more healing can take place. And perhaps help scientists understand what is going on. Because I've spent a lot of time keeping this thing going because I believe disease healing is possible. Whether I have leukemia or not, and I don't trust Pinnacle so when the told me I had it and then took the diagnose back, I have no idea which is correct. But I really don't want to be a product tester for Google contact lenses. And I have a strong reason to believe that happened although that young doctor I don't blame because someone was leaning on her and she didn't want to do the test. Because the first time I went in she looked t my eyesand said "he might have cataracts when he's in his 80s. And My visions is pretty good although I do have very mild astigmatism and the Hershey connection might include a prosecutor who needs to recuse himself NOW!

Posted by: Buck on January 23, 2016 12:55 AM
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