November 18, 2015
Think About This…

…and incidentally, what's up with New Zealand? I was counting on moving in with you guys if Trump won. From the Undernews:

The United States and New Zealand are the only two countries in the world that allow direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs. Advertising dollars spent by drug makers have increased by 30 percent in the last two years to $4.5 billion, according to the market research firm Kantar Media.


Posted by Jerome Doolittle at November 18, 2015 05:31 PM
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Ever heard of Manuka honey. If you like raw milk, try feeding this stiff to your wound. I know about this catalyst to put that honey on steroids. Only honey I know of that MIGHT cure all kinds of diseases and if it crosses the blood/brain barrier, MIGHT grow brain tissue. if it does, first you get confused, then you get extra mental ability. Ever believed in mystics? I didn't either. But then Manuka honey came along. I believe.

Doctors call me crazy though, but Molan says wounds digest honey. One medicine and mine is going into my bloodstream like all get out. If I quit taking one medicine super extra consumption of it stops.

Can it cure heart, lungs, kidney, liver, and god knows what else? It heals wounds seemingly with perfect reproduction. The body treats the honey covering so no need to scab over. I don't know but I wonder if blood digests it, will bone marrow. If so, that would be great for Leukemia and maybe bone growth. Just theories but something is going on with it. And it's FDA approved but half of the manuka harvest doesn't have special properties. But all raw honeys have healing properties but no one has studied all the flowers to find out how many more. The head of the PA beekeepers told me the biggest buyers of raw honey were Amish women who use it for healing wounds. Which the story he related about a child's wound healing makes me think another special flower is here in PA. Manuka kills all known antibiotic resistant bacteria. We forgot about honey (used in WWI for troops) but the Amish didn't. But I've tried other raw honeys and none work as well as what that Amish woman told the beekeeper guy in PA.

What I want to know is why beekeepers are feeding bees corn syrup. And all these really, really smart scientists study bees to see how pesticides affects bees. As far as I know there is no prohibition against junk food to bees. But there should be. THAT may be the problem. The bees have partnered with us since Africa, as humans would make baskets for hives to collect the extra honey and capture bees when the hive got overpopulated and swarmed. All that since eons ago. Our ancestors weren't stupid. So I guess the bees and humans have this mutually beneficial relationship and if you study evolution, you know why the bees might make healthy honey. The ones who made the best honey had the best chance of survival. As humans would survive when they ate the best raw honey, so mutual partnership occurs. And thus honey is in a way engineered for their best caretakers. Which until corn syrup was us when we didn't die out. Natural selection. The bees who made us the best honey lived and vice versa. So it makes sense raw honey is good for us. But we humans are idiots and never figured it out in modern times. Unless I and probably others did. But most probably didn't. Heating honey to package it fast is dumb, dumb, dumb.It kills the good enzymes that are healthy and heal. Just like that raw milk you like. Ever heard of land of milk and honey or the Koran's advice that honey is a gift to human health. Ancient wisdom is out there if we just think a little what it means.

But who says humans were ever smart? Cows and cowbirds are smarter than us. They know that they both reached Nash's equilibrium point. But we didn't think about that far too often.Including when we fed bees corn syrup.

And like when we started trees friendly to sidewalks but stopped the practice of 100 years ago of planting trees that were friendly to hayfever, asthma, etc.

Who'd have thought a little raw honey would make me a naturalist.
But it did. I used to be skeptical of all that natural stuff because I know about snake oil in health food. LOTS of that. Chinese know better than us.

Oh, Manuka honey grows in poor soils like SC sandy soils. Like at Savannah River Nuclear plant and the climate zone is close 8 vs. 9. Got any scrub oak land for sale?

Posted by: Buck on November 20, 2015 10:18 AM
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