November 21, 2015
Being Who We Are!

You have to hand it to Ben Carson, he has a signature style, a unique and instantly recognizable brand. Between him and Trump the Republican race is immensely entertaining this time round. Though I have to admit that after predicting that he’d go nowhere and enjoying watching my prediction come true, I’ve found myself feeling a bit sorry for poor Jeb!, so clearly in over his head and gradually realizing that he’ll never live this down, his brother will throw it at him every chance there is.

But Dr. Ben is simply hilarious. His complete innocence of information on the Middle East, for example, and his inclusion of Dewey Clarridge as an advisor speak volumes about his belief in the primacy of information itself in contrast to ideological or philosophical stances. He seems to be an intuitive-leaper type, which is a scary prospect in a hypothetical President when coupled with such a breathtaking lack of interest in knowledge or study, an ignorance of the fouding values he purports to represent, and a logically consistent but deeply disgraceful attitude of discrimination against those he has decided to fear, all of whom are apparently conflated in his simplistic conception so that he’s willing publicly to utter a statement like this.

In Mobile, Carson said: “Islam itself is not necessarily our adversary.” But Americans were justified in seeing threats from Muslim refugees and the US shouldn’t “completely change who we are as Americans just so we can look like good people”.

Okay, first, “not necessarily”? Meaning what: unless they wanna be, and in that case bring it on?

Second, refugees are a threat? No, they’re running from the threat and we either help them or we turn away. Are we overwhelmed by our own fears to the point that we cannot help others? Do we believe that by hurting others we can live longer?

But the most telling bit is the final one. I think he speaks for many when agreeing that we most certainly would not want to deny who we are just so we’d look like good people. We’re bad-ass, and we’re proud! That, in a nutshell, is the nut who goes for Carson, the bad-ass Christian.

Despite the reports that the good Doctor is running at the behest of the Almighty, I continue to support the theory that the whole Carson campaign is a direct- and electronic-mail scam that went sideways. But now it seems like the barker might even believe he’s got a chance, and that ups the hilarity a notch. Given, of course, that we all know he has zero percent chance of winning. Right?


Posted by Chuck Dupree at November 21, 2015 08:04 PM
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Six months ago I was amused, today I'm looking at my meager Y2K store and thinking it needs an upgrade. More ammo for sure, before it sells out.

The Y2K nuts had it right, they just didn't quite get their fingers wrapped around it: Historians will mark December 2000 as the End of America. Provided, of course, we as a species live that long.

Posted by: Ten Bears on November 22, 2015 10:44 AM
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