October 28, 2015
Who is this Blumenthal Guy…

…and what awful things was he emailing to Hillary anyway? Dylan Matthews tells us at Vox.com:

And while Clinton has insisted the missives were “unsolicited,” the emails show she regularly sought Blumenthal’s counsel. In a reply to a missive from Blumenthal about the 2010 coalition negotiations in the United Kingdom, she wrote, “I shared your emails w Bill who thought they were ‘brilliant’! Keep ’em coming when you can.”

Blumenthal’s emails to Clinton described then-House Minority Leader John Boehner as “louche, alcoholic, lazy, and without any commitment to any principle”; attacked the Tea Party for wanting to “divide the nation” until “it won’t look or feel like America”; assailed his former employer, the New Republic, as a “preferred outlet for the highest level Likud/neocon propaganda”; forwarded a piece on the Koch Brothers by the New Yorker’s Jane Mayer with the subject line “Yes, there is a vast right wing conspiracy”; sent Clinton a number of articles by his son, the anti-Israel journalist Max Blumenthal; and passed along a memo from his close friend and prominent Clinton ally David Brock describing a plan to impeach Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

This is the first thing I’ve seen that tells us what those emails to Hillary from Sidney Blumenthal actually said. I find it encouraging that Hillary asked for more — and that Bill found them “brilliant.”

Posted by Jerome Doolittle at October 28, 2015 02:33 PM
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