September 03, 2015
Like That Would Constrain Him!

With the punditocracy all in oohs and aahs about Trump pledging not to run an independent campaign, Paul Waldman’s point is well taken.

Since the pledge would be happily violated by the only candidate who it was designed to constrain in the first place, it has little practical significance. But it does make the Republican Party look pathetic. They’re so scared of the guy leading their primary race (as well they should be) that they have to beg him to pinkie-swear that he won’t turn around and screw them over in the general election if they’re lucky enough for him not to be their nominee. But their real problem may be that by the time they get there, he will have already done enough damage that it’ll be too late.
Posted by Chuck Dupree at September 03, 2015 08:51 PM
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