August 16, 2015
Black Brain Matter

From the Alternet:

“It brings up a very important issue and that is, do those black lives matter?” Carson told one of Fox News’ indistinguishable stooges. “The number one cause of death for black people is abortion. I wonder if maybe some people might at some point become concerned about that and ask why is that happening and what can be done to alleviate that situation. I think that’s really the important question.”
Back when Carson was doing brain surgery, he should have grabbed one for himself.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at August 16, 2015 01:47 PM
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I was more than a little surprised to learn that Carson's church - Seventh Day Adventist - isn't among the crazy ones. Their doctrine is much more reasonable than I expected.

No, it's Carson who is the know-all nutcase. Just like he "knows" that evolution is a lie. Just like he "knows" global warming is a fraud. Just like he "knows" a flat tax is precisely what the US needs.

This man isn't fit to be the dogcatcher of my county.

But from all accounts he was a good surgeon. Perhaps he ought to find a good job at a university training others to his standards in THAT field.

Posted by: Zachary Smith on August 16, 2015 8:39 PM
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