July 27, 2015
HoldiNg the GoRe Aloft

From The Rude Pundit:

Its long been apparent that the United States is now a death cult built around the worship of guns. The dead in each shooting, whether its gang-related in Los Angeles, accidental in Virginia, or mass shooting after mass shooting, are treated as a necessity in order for us to stay safe. How is Sandy Hook any different than the Aztecs stabbing a child to keep the city from destruction? How did that work out for them?

If we continue to do nothing, we are all mentally ill and we are all extremists. We are just another bunch of Mayans, watching the high priest politicians cut out the hearts of the children in Newtown, the churchgoers in Charleston, the women in Lafayette, all to appease the malicious gods of the NRA, holding the gore aloft so all may see it, hoping that our sacrifices are deemed worthy, not realizing that the gods are illusions and that were just killing our way into oblivion.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at July 27, 2015 02:38 PM
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If Galileo had discovered a cure for brain damage would the world still call him crazy, after all these years?

Posted by: Buck on July 28, 2015 8:11 PM

Dr. Molan, who took Manuka honey from being put in salt lick for cows to a multibillion dollar industry, tells us that Manuka honey is digested by the body through a wound. Thus bypassing the gastric system. Not only does it heal leg wounds, it circulates through the bloodstream and can repair every tissue in the body that has sustained damage. Including a lifetime of damage to human brain tissue. I am lucky enough to have discovered that a catalyst that makes this happen as if on steroids is one medication I take> how much damage in a 58 year lifetime can Manuka honey restore? Brain damage that science tells us one drink causes? Stroke victims could be helped by this discovery but no one listens to me because they have not listened to Dr. Molan. Google Dr. Molan and Manuka honey and LISTEN. The secret to human health for a lifetime with natural healing products is available to us all but we need to study every flower on the planet to see what bees can do with it.

The head of the beekeeepers association in PA tells me the biggest customers for raw honey in this state are Amish women. He related a story of a child's wound that had inflamation had that inflamation disappear overnight from local honey.

Why are we feeding bees corn syrup when we know it is harmful to our own health. We have been partners with our friends the bees for tens of thousands of years. In return they have given us healing honey if we do not heat it as we normally do, which kills the secrets the female hive of bees know about and which they readily produce more of than they need in order for us to continue to help them build new hives when they "swarm" when their hive becomes overpopulated. Europeans have done this for generations by weaving baskets for new beehives. Somewhere I saw a video of how this is done but we must invest in more science to find other flowering trees and plants that have healing properties.

Manuka honey, which is now FDA approved and used in hospitals in only one of probably many flowers that can heal the human body. An open wound will digest Manuka honey. And then it enteres the bloodstream and if it regrows leg tissue, it must then be able to regrow anything in the body that blood reaches. Can bone marrow digest Manuka honey or some other honey. Why don't we find out.

I can't say what Manuka honey has regrown in my own body other than in my leg. But I believe much more has occurred but unless someone looks, then no one will know.

Help me find out what else this healing honey has regrown in my body. I think it may possibly cure stroke damage, reverse Alzheimers disease, and only God and inquisivitive people might know, but I really don't have the tools to look to see if that is true.

Am I a tree falling in the forest but no one hears me? Nature has told me much more but I need listening ears. And to hear, the people who talk to me must listen to the biochemist Dr. Peter Molan discussing Manuka honey.

Then I can start talking about why I thik I may know something about our germ problems. I once had a superbacterial infection that almost took my hearing away from me. But I was lucky. My doctor told me one more week and the anvil and stirrup would have been eaten. But two surgeries got my ear back in order, although an ulcer from the powerful antibiotics caused an ulcer that keeps me from taking Advil or other pain relieving medicines. But if my back can be healed, I won't need the pain medicine I am taking now. I know this because I did not need them anymore after my ear infection was healed.
So that isn't the problem.

But getting people to understand what Manuka honey and scientific research spent on studying bees and every flower on the planet can do is a problem. We can solve our germ problem. Bees have already given us the key and we just need to understand the science they know but we do not yet fully understand. But if we look the answer is there. We must talk to the animals and the bees are trying to tell us.

But let's not kill our bees. In China pears are being hand pollinated by humans because pesticide use has made them unable to live in certain environments. But unless we stop feeding bees corn syrup, we can never understand what they are telling us. Because they will remain as unhealthy we are because of, partly, our soon to be elimated corn based economy because of water resource problems (that knowledge courtesy of Harpers magazine) is.

Who does?

Posted by: BP on July 28, 2015 9:25 PM

By the way, I have this adding machine a "Federal Model A" and on the back is enblazened the worlds "Manufactured by Colt Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company". It's got a handle but is clearly an adding machine presumably a contract given to the Colt company after WWI and after the movie/book, never made into a movie, by John Dos Passos, USA. But why not now. Can't gun manufacturers be given contracts to make technology now that we need it more than ever.
But then how do we deal with the AR-15 problem that Harper''s magazine dealt with a year or so ago. I dunno but I offered the adding machine to the Smithsonian or as a trade to the WH for a jar of White House honey, made by those ladies working in the President's wife's bee hives, or so I heard there was one there. But the only honey I'm interested in other than the kind you eat or put on wounds is my special honey, my Joy, who lives right here with me at our home in PA.

Posted by: on July 28, 2015 10:22 PM

Jerry, I know American Autora was a little too long for you, but I made it the whole way and found it fascinating, historical truths being stretched somewhat as they always are, but it held the truth within it, as Jefferson changed the country, and Franklin's grandson is to be thanked for that grace, despite Jefferson's many complaints about how his mail was being intercepted and read and it was a loathsome business that was causing that to happen, but you might be interested in the sequel. But I do recommend the American Aurora in its whole, don't skip a word, as it contains all of the true writings of those old papers from Philadelphia from so many centuries ago. And the Federalists could never prevail over that, so we got our democracy and our Republic, and as Franklin said, it is ours, if we can keep it. And so we will.

Here's the sequel.

Posted by: The Remnant on July 29, 2015 7:29 AM
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