June 19, 2015
Plus His Stuff Was Getting Rebarbative

The Guardian twists itself into sooty pools trying to explain “Why Jackson Pollock Gave Up Painting”:

With their sooty pools and block structures, the ‘black pour’ paintings of Pollock’s late period mark his rejection of sex and the erotic aspects of his drip techniques. A new exhibition shows how the artist formerly known as ‘Jack the Dripper’ reached the end of the line … A number of New York artists — including the abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning — had recently tried painting in a restricted palette of black and white, but Pollock’s black pours are especially distinctive because of their drily rebarbative, block-like structures. They don’t feel as if they have been effortlessly “splashed out” (code for “ecstatically ejaculated”) so much as strenuously carved and kneaded. Rather than being “all-over”, with the potential for limitless lateral spread, they often have a tight internal frame that seems to compress the contents.
Either that or he hung up the old paint pail when he finally realized he couldn’t do hands.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at June 19, 2015 04:13 PM
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Whaddya mean "couldn't do hands"?

That picture is full of hands!

Hmm. What was in that brownie, Martha?

Posted by: Dave on June 19, 2015 10:05 PM

He used math to do his work. I'm not going to explain that, go and find out how yourself but it's a joy to know mysteries of the universe that others struggle to find and never will. I'm sure I miss many of them myself. But that mystery I know of. Math. The NSA, I mean those uncorrupted men and women seeking to protect us all and not caring one whit about any almighty dollar are the ones who, if we can be saved, will save us. Pursuing happiness is not the same as pursuing money. Orson Welles learned that the hard way.

Posted by: BP on June 20, 2015 1:41 PM

After the sheepherders pass through (Git yo butts offa mah land, Snakesuckers!) and the old-time cow folks put the fence back up, are they being rebarbative?

Never underestimate the pretentiousness of British arts critics when you turn them loose. I can go all day following volunteer docents around galleries, trying not to laugh.

Posted by: on June 20, 2015 5:59 PM
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