April 15, 2015
For the Love of “God”

Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept:

Almost half of all Americans want to support Israel even if its interests diverge from the interests of their own country. Only a minority of Americans (47%) say that their country should pursue their own interests over supporting Israel’s when the two choices collide. It’s the ultimate violation of George Washington’s 1796 Farewell Address warning that “nothing is more essential than that permanent, inveterate antipathies against particular nations, and passionate attachments for others, should be excluded… .The nation which indulges towards another a habitual hatred or a habitual fondness is in some degree a slave.”

It is inconceivable that a substantial portion of Americans would want to support any other foreign country even where doing so was contrary to U.S. interests. Only Israel commands anything near that level of devoted, self-sacrificing fervor on the part of Americans. So it’s certainly worth asking what accounts for this bizarre aspect of American public opinion.

The answer should make everyone quite uncomfortable: it’s religious fanaticism. The U.S. media loves to mock adversary nations, especially Muslim ones, for being driven by religious extremism, but that is undeniably a major factor, arguably the most significant one, in explaining fervent support for Israel among the American populace…

The wildly popular “dispensationalist” sect is driven by the dogmatic belief that a unified Israel in the hands of the Jews is a prerequisite for Armageddon or the Rapture and the return of Jesus: a belief shared not by thousands but millions of Americans.

Read it all. Truly frightening stuff. I’ll be having more on this soon.


Posted by Jerome Doolittle at April 15, 2015 11:33 AM
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Religion is an incurable disease. So let's have the Rapture. And if it takes a Third World War, so may be it. It's Gods will, isn't it?

Posted by: Peter on April 15, 2015 12:20 PM

The Bomb Song Joe Mcdonald
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We will say an old time prayer as we look up to the sky and we ask the Lord:
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Posted by: Dave on April 15, 2015 4:19 PM

"Christians" don't love Israel, don't love the Jews. In order for their precious lord and master to come floating down out of the sky on a white horse with a thousand angels to carry the few faithful away to paradise - after the bloodbath, after the world is destroyed, the blood as deep as a horses' bridle - two thirds of the Jews, two thirds of Israel must be destroyed. "Christians" don't love Israel, don't love the Jews, they want to see them destroyed.

Not to defend Israel. Israel is a Terrorist State. The Mother of All Terrorist States. An utterly foreign occupier perpetrating an American Taxpayer conceived, financed and morally sanctioned genocide upon the indigenous descendants of the "biblical hebrew". It has no "right" to exist and this world will never know Peace until it does not.

No Peter, though I oft despair and concede yes, just let the rat bastards have their dog-damned little apocalypse and get it over with and when their precious lord and master doesn't come floating down out of the sky on a white horse with a thousand angels to carry the few faithful away to paradise then can perhaps get on with cleaning up the mess that has been made but no, that would be as clear and present a danger to my grandchildren's survival as anthropogenic atmospheric disruption, as christian capitalist induced climate change.

Something certainly needs to be done.

Posted by: Ten Bears on April 16, 2015 1:23 PM

Indeed, it seems most of the right-wing Christian supporters of Israel have some leaning in those directions, and it's scary. It also makes for fascinating politics as American Christians try to set up Israel for Armageddon while their Israeli colleagues try to justify acceptance of donations from people who would force them to choose between renouncing their religion and suffering eternal damnation. Good folks all around.

The thing is, religion has become such a general term as to include phenomena ranging from intensely spiritual and uplifting to reductive, fearful, and isolating. At least here in the Bay Area people more frequently use spirituality as a term for what they perceive as the positive aspects such as connection to nature and others as well as taking joy in life. Religion, on the other hand, is coming to mean ritual, inherited, old, poorly understood, and in any case developed before social media even existed.

In psychological terms, the religion we rightly fear and ridicule is that of Freud, who in Civilization and Its Discontents described it as a holdover from infancy, remaining only in those who had not developed as far as Freud himself. For Jung, on the other hand, religion was the means by which knowledge of the self and techniques for its development were tested and passed down across the generations. Maybe we can hold onto Jung's and dump Freud's.

Posted by: Chuck Dupree on April 17, 2015 1:19 AM

Chuck, for CG Jung God was no autonomous entity but only one archetype of many within the "collective unconscious". This even corresponds with Freud's understanding, because for him God would have been a projection of a religious man, representing the conflict of trying to comprehend the incomprehensible. One could say that Freud was more concerned with the effects, and Jung with the reasons. And if someone calls "holy" what he can't comprehend, that's okay with me, as long as he doesn't try to convince me he knows because God said so.

Posted by: Peter on April 18, 2015 10:05 AM
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