February 06, 2015

President Obama, God love him in this instance at least, has finally cracked open the door to Cuba. Soon it will swing wide, in spite of all the shrieking from the GOP and a few Democrats. Their corporate supervisors will see to that. There is, after all, money to be made down there. Count on it, it wonít be long before Sheldon Adelson opens a casino in Havana, with the kind of floor show too hot for even Las Vegas. The legendary Superman himself must be long dead, but surely Sheldon could come up with another foot-long Cuban hot dog to sit up straight for the Yankee tourists.

But enough of the future. Letís look at the pointless, stupid and murderous past: the undeclared war on Cuba we have been waging for more than half a century. Its most active phase began under Saint Jack, and would have led to a nuclear holocaust if a grown-up, Nikita Khrushchev, hadnít stepped in at the cost of his own career. Instead our little weenie war continued under a series of cowardly presidents who all, except Saint Ronnie, certainly knew better. So two cheers for President Obama (It would have been three if he hadnít stalled around till he was re-elected).

For those who have forgotten the backstory of this vicious folly or never knew it, hereís a brief history from Noam Chomsky. We should, as a nation, be ashamed of ourselves. But we, as a nation, consider shame Un-American.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at February 06, 2015 06:14 PM
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