December 29, 2014
Our New Enemy Of The Week?

So how much mileage can the US get out of North Korean hackers? Iím no expert ó I only play one on a blog, ha ha ó but on the villain scale, I place them higher than Somali pirates but lower than hooded ISIS maniacs waving severed heads around.

Letís face it, the whole war on terror thing is getting old. It just doesnít rally the people like it used to. Americans crave newness and novelty. If you give them the same old enemies over and over again they will get bored, and if they get bored they might start seriously complaining about jobs and the economy and stuff, which mustnít be allowed to happen.

So whatís an incompetent and increasingly unpopular national security state to do? They canít wait around for Putin to become a Hitler forever, and their attempt to turn him into one was a big fat dud. So until something bigger and badder comes along, scary North Koreans doing scary things on computers will have to do. The fact that they might not have been responsible for that dastardly plot to prevent Americans from seeing a crappy movie is irrelevant. It has truthiness, and truthiness is all our national security institutions need in order to stir up hysteria, start shit with someone, and demand more funding (and power).


Posted by OHollern at December 29, 2014 02:22 PM
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If North Korea loses the novelty-factor, we can always fall back on the Bad Red Bear - Putin. And how about the Yellow Peril? Only old geezers like us have ever heard the term. And doesn't China hold most of Americas government bonds? Hey, there's some danger! They practically own the US. Just imagine them joining sides with the Bad Red Bear!

Posted by: Peter on December 30, 2014 8:53 AM

Don't know if it was an inside-job publicity stunt for the film, and we probably never will, and if it was, how much James Franco had to do with it, but the second I heard about this, I thought about how it was the kind of meta-stunt mindfuck he loves to do. It would be just too perfect. And if it had set off a global thermonuclear holocaust, he and bro Seth would be all, whoa, dude!

Posted by: Tim on December 31, 2014 11:24 AM
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