September 28, 2014
If Only Congress…

…were this grown-up:

Yet something curious has happened in the 18 months since the property directly opposite the Westboro church was purchased by a peace-loving charity and, in one of the more entrepreneurial acts against a hate group, transformed into a multi-coloured haven for peace, equality and gay pride. Despite appearances, the two opposing neighbours have developed a surprisingly cordial, even amiable detente.

“I go out jogging in the morning, and they’re taking out the trash, and we have small talk,” said Hammet. “Like, ‘Hey, it’s a beautiful day outside’ or ‘This damn snow: I wish I could get warm’. Just basic things that you say to neighbours.”

Occupants of the Westboro church and Equality House have even exchanged phone numbers. Recently, when someone took all of the Equality House gay pride flags and, without their knowledge, deposited them in Westboro’s yard, Hammet’s phone beeped with a text message. “It said something like: ‘A criminal has taken your flags and put them in our yard. We have put them in your mailbox. We would like to return them to you.’”



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at September 28, 2014 02:56 PM
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We heard through the gossip grapevine that some folks in the US hired by your government to keep you safe are joking, laughing and cutting up about attacking and bustin' up the WBC's computers for "fun". And we suppose that's making all of us safe. Or something like that. We don't know how reliable the gossip grapevine is but apparently this is happening because some security contractors or Fusion Centers or Homeland Security folks must think this is a good thing to do to make us all "safe". But hey, we never thought too much of the WBC church either. But we don't know why bustin' up their computers makes us safe. But some folks doin' govt work apparently think that it does.

Or at least that's a story going round in gossip circles in the Security Sector in the DC area. We don't know if its true or not. Or if it makes us safe or not. But we know the gossip made its way all the way to us. And we're a long way from the DC area. And we don't known nuthin about what does or doesn't make us safe. But to some of the folks who are suppposed to, the joke must be that it does.

Doesn't that make you feel good and a lot safer , knowin' how your government dollars are being used.

But hey, we don't really know. But its gossip going round the security sector. True or False we don't know. But it doesn't make me feel safer. Just ripped off.

Posted by: on September 29, 2014 8:30 AM
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