May 23, 2014
The FBI Gets Its Man

Have I been asleep for the last week, or did this fascinating Boston Globe story die at birth? If the latter, why? Isnít the unnecessary killing of a man by an incompetent FBI agent a matter of considerable public concern, particularly since it occurred during the investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing? Shouldnít we be mildly interested in why this fool was hired by the FBI in the first place? And wouldnít we all like to know how he was able to retire from the Oakland police department at the age of 31 on a lifetime disability pension of $52,000 a year? And then go to work a few years later for the FBI, not previously known to have a soft spot in its flinty heart for the disabled?

It isnít often that we can get behind the Bureauís redactions and no comments for a good look at how its fabled crimebusters actually work. For more on how pretty it ainít, go here.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at May 23, 2014 02:34 PM
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Makes one wonder about the rest of their story.

No fear.

Posted by: Ten Bears on May 23, 2014 7:58 PM

I'd say the news is dismal everywhere. Sometimes it feels like the eve of Kristallnacht.
Linux users have developed a tool to keep users apprised of changes made to their hard drive geometry and other such things. It an actual file that stays on the drive. And I have read the recommendations made, one person recommended an email every two days. That doesn't sound encouraging to me. And if you read between the lines, that's a depressing article.

It's really very bad everywhere, depending on what you pay attention to.

I'd recommend reading the fine print on that page. It's kind of fun, kind of like reading the "money line" in the NY Times that some wise man told me about once. But I go for more mundane things. And regard fixing or trying to fix a broken hard drive as something that others might see as similar to a nice game of chess. There's no way it's in any way financially sensible from a time point of view, but I like to watch the changes and comments as I go along playing my version of chess. When the game is rigged you know you aren't going to win, but just observing the state of America is invaluable all by itself. And no, they don't get broken all the time by somebody else. Quite often I am the one at fault because I'm learning too, and a minor error I try to fix ends up breaking the drive. But I only touch them when they need fixing. Which Testdisk is pretty good at telling you about.

And then there's also the guy who wrote an article that went on for I believe more than 100 pages abut how to get bad blocks out of the way of Linux journaling file systems. But he was writing, sometimes for pages, about TWO bad blocks. I mean, crap happens. I'm not that intense. But there are some who are much much more intense about hating to have errors on their page.And Linux journaling apparently doesn't like bad blocks. Although I've never noticed it. But the smartmontools page linked to is very revealing if you read between the lines.

Posted by: BP on May 24, 2014 5:52 PM
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