January 23, 2014
The Rat in the Hat

Here is James Truslow Adams, from his 1929 essay collection, Our Business Civilization:

The Republican Party may well look back to Hamilton as its high priest, but the odd thing is that Hamilton created all this heritage of strength and power and banks and tariffs for a very simple reason, and that reason the Republican Party would not dare to breathe about in any party convention, campaign, or speech: “The People, your People, Sir, is a great Beast.”

Imagine that as an exordium of a keynote speech to nominate Calvin Coolidge or Herbert Hoover. Hamilton deliberately set out to create special privileges for certain classes so that those classes would in turn support the government and control the people. What does the Republican Party do? It hangs on for dear life to all these special privileges, it preaches Hamilton’s corollaries as the one pure political gospel, and then it steals Jefferson’s major premise, and preaches the wisdom and the nobility and the political acumen of the common people!

One feels like inquiring in the vernacular, with deep emotion, “How did you get that way?” As when watching a prestidigitator, one’s jaw drops with amazement as the rabbit pops from the one hat we could not possibly have expected it from.

Posted by Jerome Doolittle at January 23, 2014 03:53 PM
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Self-hate ?

Posted by: Hoffmann on January 25, 2014 4:17 AM

Hamiliton was a tool of the international bankers and held forth to a strong central government/central bank martialed under a wealthy elite. He wrote "No society could succeed which did not unite the interest and credit of rich individuals with those of the state." Altruistic perhaps, though more the likely opportunistic language, arguing " a national debt, if not excessive, would be a national blessing."

Founder of America's first political party and forerunner of today's Republican Party, the Federalist Party, Hamilton as Secretary of the Treasury established America's first central bank, First Bank of the United States. A virtual copy of the British central bank, the Bank of England, it failed rather spectacularly after but three years due, unsurprisingly, to fraud, inflation and unemployment generated by the issue of baseless fiat money.

He was also one of the "christians" the nutballs refer to when making the claim America was founded a christian nation.

We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

No fear.

Posted by: Ten Bears on January 25, 2014 2:03 PM

Addendum: recall Mussolini's definition of Fascism, "uniting the corporation with the state."

Posted by: Ten Bears on January 25, 2014 2:29 PM

We should have gone with Jefferson, except he was a slave holder and a family farmer kind of a guy and all the slave states and many of the farm states keep electing secessionist and corporate agriculture wacko birds. What's a poor boy to do?

Posted by: Nugatory on January 25, 2014 3:08 PM
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