December 17, 2013
Biting the Hand That Fed

Yesterday C-Span — I am sure you were also glued to the set — featured a talk at the National Press Club given by one Daniel Akerson, departing CEO of General Motors. He was boasting about the (i.e., his) achievement at GM since the US auto bail-out by the federal government prevented his company from going bankrupt. (Note the seeds of conflict there already in his set-up during the talk.)

At one point, he recounted how, early in the company’s difficulties, some European auto executives assured him that the recovery effort was headed for “disaster.” A failure, he then remarked as an aside, that would be as bad as the failure of the health care act (meaning so-called Obamacare). There was weak laughter in the audience, but no boos or hisses were heard. He went on to say that although “it took time” to turn around GM, a few years later some of those Europeans came to work at GM.

Well, here is at least one boo and a hiss for your cheap-shot remark and your blindered arrogance, Mr. Akerson. You would now be managing a mall in Missouri if President Obama’s administration hadn’t valiantly and stubbornly stuck with the GM salvage operation even in the teeth of utter Republican disdain on TV, in the papers, and in ads during the last presidential election.

The Democratic administration’s support was of course driven by concern for your (yuk, union) workers but also for the myriad businesses that feed the GM enterprises — not by concern for you and your over-promoted, over-compensated flunkies at corporate HQ, with their ladder burns.

You say the turn-around “took time?” Well, yes. But might not the Affordable Care Act also benefit, given time? No? You are awfully quick to mock a great effort for Americans’ health that was launched a few days ago, as if you can see into the future. Can you?

Or — this is a real question for you, Sir — are you allowing your snide inner mean-spiritedness and sense of entitlement to come to the fore only now, when the federal government is no longer in possession of GM, and it is safe for you boldly to disparage, on national television and in front of journalists (however captive they may be), a social initiative of far greater value to Americans than the wheeling and dealing at your own secure fief, before you retire to your gated-community mansions bordering golf-courses in Hobe Sound, Idaho, and Hawaii?

Until I hear otherwise, I will think of you as a smirking hairless coward sheathed in a really good suit. I’ll bet your shoes are bespoke, too.



Posted by A. David Tucker at December 17, 2013 04:31 PM
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