July 18, 2013
Dead Man Writing

Last month William Van Poyck was executed in Florida for the 1987 murder of a prison guard. During his later years on death row he wrote long letters to his sister, who posted them to a blog she set up for him, Death Row Diary. Here is one entry:

There are now three of us down here on death watch; all our executions are spaced 2 weeks apart. The guy with senior status (Elmer) is set to die on May 29th, 2 weeks before me. Last week the Florida Supreme Court denied his last-ditch appeal and heís got no place left to go. He does not know much about the law or court procedures but he told me he knows there is now nothing between him and his date with death. Heís resigned to his fate and I hear him pacing the floor a lot, a pacing that is gradually morphing into a listless shuffling, as if all hope has deflated from his body, like air leaking from a punctured tire. Itís a sad, melancholy sound when you know its context. I choose to remain active, vital and alive, my spirit, intellect and even my humor undiminished, and Iíll remain so until they shoot that poison into my veins and snuff out the candle of this physical vehicle.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at July 18, 2013 11:30 AM
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