April 04, 2013
You Know What’s a Great Question?

Why does every interviewee in the whole wide world of television preface every answer to every vapid question with, “That’s a great question”? Instead of, for instance, “That’s a dumbass question. Better give it another shot.” Or “Have you actually read the book/speech/report/transcript/newspaper coverage/anything?”



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at April 04, 2013 12:14 PM
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"That's a great question," is not a comment. It's a stall – noise generated while the interviewee tries to catch his mental breath and think of an answer. It sounds a lot more "professional" than, "Umm, err, I read all of them."

If Sarah Palin had only begun the now-fatal answer to question with a lengthy stall. "What papers do I read? That's a great question! Well, since I live in Alaska, I start off each morning with the Fairbanks News Miner, and then I move on to...well, I'm not going to bore you with the whole list of papers."

Very Crankily yours,
The New York Crank

Posted by: The New York Crank on April 4, 2013 1:06 PM

It's also a way to suck up to the interviewer without giving away anything. Telling them, you've really done your homework, you're really tough aren't you, you're not gonna let me get away with anything, blah blah.

Posted by: Tim on April 4, 2013 7:09 PM
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