December 07, 2012
The Bell of Disillusion

More social notes from Vietnam. Hung and Hue seem to deserve each other:

The incident once again sounds the bell of disillusion of the indulgent lifestyle of a small part of the youth today…

Le Trong Hung, 17, in Ha Dong district, Hanoi had relationship with two 10th graders named Hue and Lan at the same time. Hung used to study in the same school with them but he dropped out.

Hue was jealous. She gave Hung her cell phone and asked him to videotape his sexual relations with Lan to spread to take revenge against Lan.

On April 11, Hung and Lan dated in a hostel and had sex. Hung filmed their sexual intercourse scenes and gave the 7-minute clip to Hue. This girl then sent the clip to a number of fellow students and spread to other schools. The case quickly spread and was discovered shortly thereafter.

Ha Dong district police summoned Hung and Hue for investigation. Hung admitted to be more in love with Hue so he agreed to videotape his sexual relations with Lan and gave the clip to Hue.

Fortunately, the police quickly prevented the wide spread of the sex video.


Posted by Jerome Doolittle at December 07, 2012 02:15 PM
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That sounds like true love. I'm deeply moved.

Apart from that, we had a recent study in Germany proving that all those preachers having had intercourse with children weren't pedophilic at all.

I guess they'd have fucked everything which was not up on the trees at the count of three.

But thank God they were no pedophiles. Yuck. Our children are safe in the arms of the church, after all.

Posted by: Peter on December 8, 2012 10:10 AM
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