December 02, 2012
Poor Babies

This from Corey Robin. Does it remind you of any major American political party?

But there was another side to this embrace of the fugitive intellect: the acute sense of wounded victimhood, which sounded like nothing so much as the grievances of a revolutionary class in the making. The master class performed that strange alchemy, so peculiar to privileged groups, by which the enjoyment of power — not just on the plantation or in the South but in national political institutions as well — is turned into the anxiety of persecution.

Calhoun was the master of this transposition, borrowing directly from the abolitionist canon to make the case that it was the slaveholder that was the true slave. He compared the tariff to the exploitation and extraction of slavery and the federal government’s use of coercive power against the states to the “bond between master and slave — a union of exaction on one side and of unqualified obedience on the other.”



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at December 02, 2012 05:47 PM
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