October 04, 2012
…Is Right Twice a Day

I find a lot to agree with in Joe Scarborough’s evaluation of Romney’s current confusion of identities.

Romney needed to decide long ago who he was: the last of the Rockefeller Republicans (and thus somebody who probably wouldn’t have gotten through Iowa) or a genuine movement conservative with detailed ideas about how to right the country.

Instead, we have a nominee who represents the worst of both worlds. Any swing voter attracted by moderate Republicanism can’t vote for a man who ran away from his core convictions. And conservative voters don’t believe Romney has any core convictions. This has all the makings of a Greek tragedy, all playing out on C-SPAN.

Naturally Joe figures this as a Greek tragedy because he sees a vulture capitalist as a hero, even if, as in this case, a tragic one. For me it’s a little hard to grok a world view in which Mitt Romney is anything remotely approaching heroic, but I do at least realize that others view the world in those terms. And like all purists Scarborough believes the election is Mitt’s for the asking if he will simply run openly on the “true conservative” principles espoused, as it happens, by Joe himself. So if he looses, the implication is clear, it’s his own fault.

That last part I agree with too.


Posted by Chuck Dupree at October 04, 2012 06:10 PM
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