June 14, 2012
Utah Phillips: The Violence Within


Posted by Buck Batard at June 14, 2012 09:43 AM
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Phillips is an interesting fellow and his talks (he was a consummate storyteller) offer a wealth of information. He can sit and talk about the evils of Standard Oil for quite some time, then go on to the next subject. It's a shame so many people in this country know so little about their history. I'm still learning every day but history does offer many lessons.

For instance, one of Phillip's great teachers was a man named Amman Hennecy. Hennecy was a Christian Anarchist. And Hennecy was taught by Dorothy Day, a Catholic Socialist. I doubt any of the Catholics on our Supreme Court have any idea what that is. If they do, you'd never know it from their court opinions.

So many people in this country have very little knowledge of their past and the people who helped shape this country in decades and centuries back. We all have much to learn. I'm one of those folks who says go back and look at how folks in the past handled societal problems. For instance, the poor and middle class farmers worked for decades to get rid of the gold standard which kept them down for generations. Try telling that to someone in the tea party. They look at you like you're crazy.

One thing our society doesn't value and that is a healthy respect for older people. Somehow I think we need to do more of that. The only problem I see is that most people don't do enough looking except to look at the folks that the box tells them to look at. A liberal box they call it. Still their eyeballs stay glued to it as if somebody put permanent super glue on their eyeballs and stuck them to it.

For instance look at the current popularity of books such as Atlas Shrugged. The woman who wrote that book took to government handouts such and social security and Medicare like maggot flies flock to a corpse when she saw that her own fortune might be imperiled. She was a complete fraud and pimp for the rich. But they won't hear of it.

Well, enough of that. We've got enough work to do to the liberals up to get the liberals up to snuff on the past to do the necessary work to make a decent future . As Phil Och's once wrote "Love me Love me Love me, I'm a liberal". We need to listen to that old song ourselves once in a while.

Posted by: Cool Hand Geek on June 14, 2012 1:22 PM
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