May 27, 2012
So Take an Adversarial Stance Already!

Talking about the outsized influence of Wall Street on both political parties, Tom Edsall has it in a nutshell:

Obama has been caught between rising corporate opposition to his re-election, on one hand, and his own reluctance to take an adversarial stance towards the industry, on the other.

And how could it be otherwise?

Romney has made it very clear how he will help Wall Street if he wins. It’s President Obama who is in a conflicted position. Obama could conceivably take a more aggressive regulatory posture. The more likely scenario, given recent history, is that he would be apprehensive about the consequences of regulating hedge-fund operators and investment bankers. In the aftermath of Citizens United, Obama and the rest of the political community are aware of how dangerous the financial sector can be in the freewheeling world of campaign finance.
Posted by Chuck Dupree at May 27, 2012 07:42 PM
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