April 05, 2012
A Meme is Born

While the rest of us were giggling over Rick Santorumís fact-free attack in Californiaís university system, Sara Robinson wasnít. Iíd bet ten thousand Romney dollars that her decoding of Santorumís babble is right on target.

Santorum was setting the stage. He warned us, very clearly: Following the War on Public Employees and the War on Women, this will be the summer of the War on Public Universities. Whether the proposals will be to revoke their charters, close campuses, or sell off their facilities to for-profit colleges, you can bet that ALEC already has the bills in the can, and will be introducing them in state legislatures presently.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at April 05, 2012 11:17 AM
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That resonates strangely with the new Baffler article on The Atlantic as "CIA front". (Sorry, Jerry, it disses Fallows, though only by kind of calling him a bloviator.) Slightly odd article but midway through is a quote that sounds just like the Santorum bit that most bothers Sara Robinson. This thing in the Baffler article is a quote from Gene Bradley, the WWII intelligence/PR man whose son apparently runs The Atlantic:

"The research study that I read documented why the communists could succeed in brainwashing American GIs: because these American soldiers had never been taught the fundamentals of America. They had not been taught the facts of American history. They did not know our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, or American history, so when the crunch came, when pushed to the wall by ruthless interrogators, they had no core values to which they could hold. In truth they did not know why they were fighting, or even if America was worth fighting for."

Except, if they teach U.S. constitutional civics now, how will they explain the separation of powers without giving people awkward ideas? Seems like it's no more possible than it is to teach any of the major world scriptures without encouraging a sneaking sympathy for underdogs.

Posted by: Martha Bridegam on April 5, 2012 3:38 PM
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