January 08, 2012
Why Romney Might Actually Win

Tom Engelhardt points us to a list of the top twenty contributors to Mitt Romney’s campaign, courtesy, as he says, of “the invaluable OpenSecrets.org website”.

Goldman Sachs ($367,200)
Credit Suisse Group ($203,750)
Morgan Stanley ($199,800)
HIG Capital ($186,500)
Barclays ($157,750)
Kirkland & Ellis ($132,100)
Bank of America ($126,500)
PriceWaterhouseCoopers ($118,250)
EMC Corp ($117,300)
JPMorgan Chase & Co ($112,250)
The Villages ($97,500)
Vivint Inc ($80,750)
Marriott International ($79,837)
Sullivan & Cromwell ($79,250)
Bain Capital ($74,500)
UBS AG ($73,750)
Wells Fargo ($61,500)
Blackstone Group ($59,800)
Citigroup Inc ($57,050)
Bain & Co ($52,500)



Posted by Chuck Dupree at January 08, 2012 07:05 PM
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I guess their feelings were badly hurt when Obama turn the DOJ loose on them. I remember the perp walks as if they'd happened in a particularly vivid dream. The Wall Street elite, vampire squid included, were marched past Zuccotti Park in their orange jumpsuits. "Club Fed" was packed from the sentences for the massive frauds they carried out. Some of the crooks had to be sent to Gitmo and Bagram, the only facilities left with open cells.

Posted by: Jim on January 10, 2012 2:14 AM
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