October 13, 2011
A Story I Was Told

Last week my daughter told me about her boyfriendís aunt, uncle and cousin. They are moving to Los Angeles from Texas. Uncle has been out of work for some time. Aunt was recently laid off, and has lost her health care. She is a cancer survivor, so it is a safe bet that she wonít be getting coverage to replace that anytime soon. Cousin has recently graduated from college. She canít find a job. She canít afford her rent.

So, Joad-like they are all moving to California. Why, you may ask, do they think it will be better here? I asked that very question of my daughter. Can you guess the answer? I bet you can. Iíll give you a minute....

ďTheyíre going to move in with Tomís grandfather,Ē was my daughterís reply.

I pointed out to my daughter that there is something terribly, horribly wrong with this country when two people in their 40s have absolutely no options but to move in with a parent. And the fact that we were talking about two generations being forced to take refuge like this is that much more appalling.

Turns out I didnít have to point that out to her. She had already figured it out.



Posted by Kurt Weldon at October 13, 2011 05:43 PM
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Two college graduates in NY city, holding two part time jobs apiece, couldn't make rent regularly. I subsidized since he had done me an enormous favor a couple of years before. Finally, I told them to pick which set of parents they were going to move in with, that I would pay shipping for "must keep" belongings and send money for bus tickets and food when they were ready to go.

They moved to the city in California with the worst unemployment in the state.

They let me know when they were food safe.

Next message was that Grandma and Grandpa were moving in with them and the parents because they lost their rental and couldn't pay the new rental rates. Living on SS with many years of low wages didn't give them squat.

The 99 percent are getting into the hurt bad.

Posted by: Evil is evil on October 14, 2011 12:55 PM

I am a full time student, and I am a full time employee for just a hair over min wage ($10 an hour, semi skilled). I rarely get over 36 hours a week. I am a single Mom (one teenager)in Texas, my Mom had to move in with me due to the low return of SS. I am able to afford a two bedroom two bath apartment, with a dishwasher. I drive an older car, or take the bus. Some one has some serious issues if I can afford to live on this low of a wage, pay car insurance and rent, and electric bills and eat out and go to the movies even once in while. I have an xbox 360, two television sets and I get high speed internet. I have three computers. What kind of apartments are these people renting?? What kind of a lifestyle are they trying to afford? Even if I do not get a career using my degree, I have a job!! I am thinking some people are just stupid, make bad life choices or try to live beyond their means. Lets grow up some day people SHEESH.

Posted by: O come ON?? on October 16, 2011 4:15 PM
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