August 22, 2011
Terminated with Extreme Prejudice

Now this is truly sick. It’s from a piece on former District of Columbia school superintendent Michelle Rhee by one of my favorite reporters, Michael Winerip.

Always, she preens for the cameras. Early in her chancellorship, she was trailed for a story by the education correspondent of “PBS NewsHour,” John Merrow.

At one point, Ms. Rhee asked if his crew wanted to watch her fire a principal. “We were totally stunned,” Mr. Merrow said.

She let them set up the camera behind the principal and videotape the entire firing. “The principal seemed dazed,” said Mr. Merrow. “I’ve been reporting 35 years and never seen anything like it.”



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at August 22, 2011 03:56 PM
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That speaks volumes about Rhee's character. Clearly, she brought the same level of thuggery to her job as we commonly see in the corpocracy.

Posted by: Bendra on August 23, 2011 9:58 AM
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