July 09, 2011
What Geodes Are

This transcription was made by a member of my family as a much younger family member was being driven home from swimming earlier today. It is incomplete because the adult family member became insane before the trip ended.

Mom, what are geodes? What are geodes? What are geodes? Mom, what is a geode? Why? What is a geode, just please Mommy! Is this a geode? Is this a geode? Really? Oh. I found a geode on my playground! Yes, I did! I did! She did! Ha ha! Hoor, hoor! Geode, why are you a geode? What is a geode? Hey, soup copying me! Stop copying me! Why arenít you copying me? What is a rock? I donít know! What is a geode? I donít know! I canít see or feel or anything! Hee hee! Hello, hello, hello! Hee hee panini. I like stop signs and my guts, and I like my penis too. I like my penis. What is fertilizer? What are those white things? No, just tell me, what are they? Whatís crabgrass? Whatís fertilizer? Why are you talking? Why are you talking? By the way, you are a poopy. You are a poopy, by the way. Ha ha. You did too. Mom, what is crabgrass? No, just tell me! Oh. Hee hee.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at July 09, 2011 05:50 PM
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