March 11, 2011
The Ramadan Plot

The looming imposition of Sharia law on God’s country is bad enough, but at least a handful of courageous politicians are fighting to save America from the horrors of stoning, amputations and 11-year-old brides.

Who, though, will be brave enough and wise enough to save us from the Moslem plot called Ramadan? Representative Peter King (IRA – NY) doesn’t even have Ramadan on his committee’s agenda, possibly under the impression that it’s a hotel chain.

But Ramadan is something far more sinister than the harmless face it shows the world. The terrorists would like you to think that it’s just a sort of Moslem Lent, only more ascetic: no food or drink at all between sunrise and sunset for a whole month.

Sounds more like Weight Watchers than an Al Qaeda plot. But in Michigan this alien practice is already wreaking havoc among America’s unborn, the very cohort upon which we depend to furnish the congressmen of tomorrow.

The mechanism is ingenious, but simple. Women undernourished during pregnancy tend to deliver underweight babies, more of them girls than boys, with an increased risk of mental disabilities. This creates, as our enemies understand, a demographic time bomb. Before long we will be a nation of dummies. Oh, wait…

For details click on this and download the full study. Here’s a taste to get you started:

We use the Islamic holy month of Ramadan as a natural experiment in fasting and fetal health. In Michigan births 1989–2006, we find prenatal exposure to Ramadan among Arab mothers results in lower birthweight. Exposure to Ramadan in the first month of gestation is also associated with a sizable reduction in the number of male births. In Census data for Uganda and Iraq we find strong associations between in utero exposure to Ramadan and the likelihood of being disabled as an adult. Effects are particularly large for mental (or learning) disabilities.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at March 11, 2011 04:10 PM
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Any doctor who participates in this study with informing the women of the danger to the unborn child is clearly violating medical ethics, the requirement that a doctor or other person who treats medical cases to "first do no harm". It's amazing to me that such a study as this one is still going on in this country. I would think that this experiment is far worse than the Tuskegee medical experiments in that those being harming are the unborn, unable to in any way prevent the harm being imposed upon their growing minds and bodies, assuming the mother doesn't abort due to lack of food, certainly a likely possibility.

One would think that this kind of testing belongs to the dark ages or to some of the grosser places in this country where medical testing takes places such as the "monkey farm" in rural South Carolina. One of my closest friends who was murdered about ten years ago wanted to prove to me that there was indeed a monkey farm down a rural back road in South Carolina. So on our way back from one of the South Carolina Beaches we stopped his pickup truck, pulled out two glasses and poured ourselves something like Wild Turkey or Jack Daniels and within a matter of minutes another raggedy old pickup truck like the one we were in showed up and the tough looking driver who was armed grufffly asked us what the hell we thought we were doing stopping there. We had previously relieved our bladders so we explained to him we stopped to take a piss and then decided to have another drink. And we had all the implements to make the ruse look real. We actually had been drinking a few beers earlier but my friend kept the liquor on hand for himself as I'm not fond of drinking when I know I will be driving within a few hours But now I know there is indeed a monkey farm in rural South Carolina on one of the back ways to Hilton Head Island, the rural resort where my friend was building a house at the time.

It's hard to believe this isn't being investigated and the the doctors involved are so forthright in admitting what they are doing.

Perhaps its time for the famous South Carolina trial lawyers to get involved. You know, the President of the ATLA several years who I clerked for in law school or a Ron Motley, who invented the asbestosis litigation strategy that was so successful or the firm that broke up after they earned a billion dollars in fees on the tobacco settlements. (South Carolina does have its share of famous trial lawyers and I've known my share.).

However this story is beyond creepy. It's downright murderous.

Personally I'd like to see the medical personnel and the government officials involved in this program to be take forthwith to the South Carolina monkey farm and start using them as guinea pigs.

This program is clearly what fascist governments engage in and could easily said to be quite similar to Dr. Mengele's experiments in Germany during WWII, some would say as bad or worse than anything he engaged in during that period.

Posted by: Buck on March 11, 2011 8:01 PM

As I read it, Buck, this was a study not an experiment on unwitting human guinea pigs. The women weren't enlisted or enrolled. They were observant Moslems, they were pregnant during Ramadan, they gave birth. Afterwards the researchers looked at the records, or maybe interviewed the women, and put the data together. What I found most interesting is the increase in female births. This is exactly what evolutionary theory predicts, and exactly what happens to many animals. If there is a threat (such as malnutrition) to the survival of the species, the most profitable strategy for each organism to evolve is to pump out more females. Males are mostly superfluous to repopulation, and maybe even undesirable for the moment, since you have to feed more of them than you need to fertilize the females. (If the problem is overpopulation, you'd want to produce fewer females, or at least that's what the Chinese think.)

Posted by: CCRyder on March 12, 2011 3:19 PM
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