March 09, 2011
Getting What You Asked For

Chuck Butcher at Chuck for… says something that probably needs saying:

In Wisconsin half of you bothered to vote. Half. That means about a quarter of the eligible voters picked your elected officials. How many of you teachers didn’t bother, how many of you public janitors didn’t bother, how many whatevers of you just didn’t bother?

That begs the question of how many of you ignored your actual interests to vote against Obama or for some social right wing hobbyhorse that you won’t get. In point of fact, regarding the “Family Values Party,” not only won’t you get it but they don’t bother with it themselves.

You folks are providing endless amusement for the national media. What the hell, you haven’t listened to what the GOP has actually had to say? You didn’t pay any attention when reputable analysts said, “liars, liars, pants on fire?” Are you now saying, “We thought we were voting for reasonable, responsible Republicans,” and continue to believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa?



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at March 09, 2011 09:04 AM
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One can't forget the Bogeyman when mentioning Santa and the Easter Bunny. Scary, scary Bogeyman is the ultimate reason to go out and cast your ill-informed wasted votes during times of media-induced national 'crisis'

Posted by: GingerSnap on March 9, 2011 1:34 PM
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