November 04, 2010

Just got this from a reader who, unlike me and probably you, actually knows something about the business of health care:

Watched much of Obama’s really egregious and saddening tail-between-the-legs performance in his press conference. What would be the matter with just quietly and with dignity stating that the lesson of the election is that negativity and obstructionism work, and that Obama is the very embodiment of moderation and bipartisanship?

He is serious about there not being a Red States of America, or a Blue States of America, but rather a United States of America. The proof being that Obama showed substantial skill, leadership and muscle, and invested a huge amount of political capital, in getting the left wing of his party in Congress to hold their noses and agree practically unanimously with the health care plan that was passed — a plan which Obama had selected not because he is a socialist/fascist, but because it was a fairly good Republican plan. Obamacare is a Republican proposal, modeled on the Republican plan passed in Massachusetts, and a Republican proposal from 1993. (Chart here.)

So if people really are looking for reasonable politicians who will take good ideas from the opposition party, and make them their own, then that is in fact Obama — not John Boehner. Over 200 Republicans in both houses of Congress unanimously refused to provide even a single Republican vote for a Republican plan, just because Obama and the Democrats adopted it.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at November 04, 2010 02:14 PM
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It's going to be a very long winter and when spring does get here it may not make many feel any beter.

Posted by: One Fly on November 4, 2010 5:57 PM
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