September 17, 2010
I’m in Love…

…and have been since that night early in the millenium when I first heard Professor Warren on late night radio as I drove through Virginia on I-95. Thrillingly, she was talking about a trick employed by insurance companies to extort fake “late fees” out of customers. The companies, it seemed, would require East Coast customers to mail their payments to a West Coast address, and vice versa. That way a sucker could pay on the dot but still incur a late fee because of the extra day or so in the mail. A few million pennies here, a few million pennies there… It all added up.

Here, I knew at once, was a woman who really, truly understood me to the depths of my socialist soul. We two could find true happiness together, I said hopelessly to myself as I drove forlorn and lonely through the gathering dark of Bush’s America.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at September 17, 2010 02:01 PM
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Hooray for America!
Maybe Obama does have balls . . .

Posted by: John Gall on September 17, 2010 6:11 PM

And my dream job would be to work for her!

Posted by: Pat on September 18, 2010 6:48 AM

This decision was worth the time it took because the sounds of protest have been (so far) squelched.

Posted by: Bendra on September 18, 2010 11:14 AM
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