May 18, 2010
Will the Tumbrils Roll?

I find this, from James Howard Kunstler, to be not entirely convincing. But it suggests several interesting avenues to explore, so do so…

…I’ve maintained for a long time that the folks down Dixie way are the most dangerously crazy people in America and the Deepwater Horizon oil blob is not going to improve their outlook when it slops over their beaches and bayous. They’ll blame Obama for it by syllogism. Anyway, they are only marginally more crazy than the rest of the folks in the USA. Those folks are warming up for an election season that is going to send a horde of exterminating angels into the halls of congress and the governor’s mansions, and before too long those merchants of retribution are going to appoint their inquisitors. It’s going to be a heckuva spectacle. In retrospect, Mary Shapiro’s SEC will look like the Council of Trent. You can be sure that if ten gallons of gasoline remain to be found in America a few years from now, they will power the last GMC Sierra to drag the captains of Wall Street through the sawgrass prairies of Collier County, Florida…



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at May 18, 2010 04:23 PM
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He may be quite wrong in the long term though. There was a long history of progressive politics in the South (that usually only applied if you were white) that has gone by the wayside in my lifetime. However, that doesn't mean it can't come back in style (if only Southerners would trash their televisions and radios they might have a chance).

Southerners do love their marsh lands, even those who live far inland. The superb first flautist of the Peabody Orchestra in Baltimore and celebrated poet, Sidney Lanier once wrote a tribute to the marshes of Glynn County Georgia in which he celebrated the great beauty of the marshes and lamented what he was sure was the coming of industrialization to the South. And right now he is turning over in his grave, horrified at what may soon come to visit the marshes of Glynn.

And I know dozens of part time shrimpers (who travel to the coast for their daily quota of one cooler of shrimp - although some try to cheat with the rules and get a couple or three coolers full) who live at least 100 miles inland from the Carolina coast who travel all the way to the marshlands to fill their home freezers for the creatures who inhabit and breed in those beautiful marshes. I am lucky in that my mother owns a home on a tidal creek on a lovely stretch of a beautiful marsh that extends several hundred yards from her home to the Ashley River, which meets the Cooper River at Charleston SC to form the Atlantic Ocean.

Read the poem about the marshes, written by Mr. Lanier at the link below. I was introduced to Mr. Lanier by my 11th grade English teacher, a native of Georgia.

I'm not betting on those tumbrils rolling as Mr.Kunstler does not know how those southerners that I know so well may react. They may in fact become the most ardent environmentalists in the nation in the years that come after you and I are long gone.

Posted by: Buck on May 18, 2010 10:55 PM

May I suggest we call this "The Hayward Blowout" to focus people on the true source of the disaster? He is the fountainhead of the corporate culture.

Posted by: montag on May 20, 2010 8:02 PM
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