May 27, 2010
Here’s Your Hat, What’s Your Hurry?

At last a motive appears, glimpsed dimly through the mists. Look, it appears to be green, like BP’s logo. Perhaps it is concern for the environment, leading to some protective procedure gone horribly wrong? Nah, that doesn’t seem to be it. Whatever it is, though, it’s certainly green.

From the New York Times:

Evidence began emerging Wednesday that BP officials may have had an incentive to proceed quickly.

A member of the federal panel investigating the cause of the blast said that before the explosion, the company had hoped to use the Deepwater Horizon to drill another well by early March, but was behind schedule.

BP applied to use the Deepwater rig to drill in another oil field by March 8, said Jason Mathews, a petroleum engineer for the Minerals Management Service.

Based on an estimate of $500,000 per day to drill on the site, the delay of 43 days had cost BP more than $21 million by the day of the explosion on April 20, Mr. Mathews estimated.

A Transocean official — Adrian Rose, the company’s health, safety and environmental manager — confirmed that BP leased the rig for $533,000 per day. He could not confirm where the Deepwater Horizon was planning to go next, but he said it was going to undertake another drill, probably for BP.



Posted by Jerome Doolittle at May 27, 2010 10:07 AM
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These deep water wells should just be disallowed until we have technology in place that can plug any hole at any place in one or two days. Even then a leak is going to cause a lot of pollution but this one well has damaged not only the economy but Mother Earth herself in the most horrible fashion imaginable. I would argue that our Supreme Court encouraged BP's horrid behavior by giving the appearance that even when a large spill occurred, they wouldn't have to pay for all the damages incurred. We must reverse that decision and put in put in place significant regulatory requirements for all water based oil drilling.

But BP can go home but let's get them to pay for the mess they created first.

The one good thing that may come out of this is that a majority of Southerners may, and I think with the proper education about these things could, become part of the environmental movement. They have in some places but not as a majority and the area has a whole has not taken up the cause of environmentalism. There are exceptions to this rule as I've known Sierra Club Members and used to backpack before the back problems I am now struggling with (let me digress: today I had another procedure in which one of the nerves leading out of my spinal column was burned in the hope that it will regrow without the tendency to pain. I have my doubts whether this will work but it sure would be nice to backpack again).

But the environmental movement needs Southerners to participate in the discussion more than they have and they need to become participants. Hunters already are asking: "what happened to the quail in South Carolina". No one knows but they seem to be gone in enough quantities to hunt them unless one buys them from those who raise them and then release them for the hunt (pretty disgusting) and I know hunters didn't wipe them out - something else did, perhaps pesticides or some other farming chemical. Perhaps they may go the way of the Carolina parakeet which has been extinct for almost a century now as far as we know. Then Dick Cheney would have to find another way to shoot a fellow hunter.

Posted by: Buck on May 27, 2010 4:41 PM
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