February 11, 2010
Another US Media Coverup of Torture?

Did you hear the one about the government inquiry into the Briton who was taken to Guantánamo Bay and tortured by Americans with British complicity?

Not unless you were reading carefully. The Post had an article only somewhat slanted toward the US position. If you searched for it on the world news page. The Times had a brief but reasonable summary of the blockbuster evidence coming out. In a blog.

The Guardian led with five stories centered on the news that British complicity in torture has been proven to the satisfaction of a group of the highest jurists in the UK.


Critical evidence came in the form of a decision by an American court that Binyam Mohammed had indeed been tortured while in American custody. There was also testimony showing that British knowledge of Mohammed’s plight was extensive, and that British agents also questioned him during this period.

A fair amount of the outrage is related to actions approaching governmental and possibly judicial misconduct at the end of the trial, what one Guardian article described as “How 400 years of legal history were cast aside in the Binyam Mohamed case: Legal principle established in 1637 banned secret talks between lawyers and courts. It was broken by the government”.

US news outlets don’t talk about the British inquiries into the lies leading up to the war, or the torture everyone knows Americans engaged in. Everyone else in the world knows about it. What sort of country intentionally misinforms its citizens?


Posted by Chuck Dupree at February 11, 2010 03:39 AM
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By American media I assume you mean the networks and television in general, most newspapers including at least to some extent although not completely, the NY Times and other major media outlets.

However we do have our media outlets that are quite ahead in showing how much torture has been a part of the official policy of the United States government in our recent past (it's not new by a long shot but only officially so recently). Harper's Magazine being one example, Scott Horton's blog, Harper's No Comment is probably the best source of the material around. If there is a better source for the torture and department of lies, let me know. Horton also covers the disfunctional Justice Department So if one seeks out the material, it is easy to find. And I think I've seen some references to Keith Olbermann covering some of this. But we don't watch the television or listen to radio at all now except for satellite radio, so I can't know for sure what those two outlets, televison and radio are reporting. And the future appears to be OK, at least right now.

So basically we have a situation here in the US of seek and ye shall find. Unless one chooses to remain ignorant or are incapable of becoming educated. Since half of our population has an IQ of 100 or less, I assume that's a large percentage of our population.

Posted by: Buck on February 11, 2010 3:31 PM
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